Back To The Dock part 2

Back To The Dock part 2

  • Location:25 Carlton Street Liverpool
  • Venue:Northshore Traubadour
  • Length:09:00 pm – 05:00 am

Back to the Dock 2
We are back bigger and better

Room 1 Hardcore 93/96
The legendary Vibes & LiveLee will play one of there original oldschool happy hardcore sets that we all loved. Harddock legends DJ Demand & Reflex will be back playing them banging hard Dock classics.
And two special guests from Legends of Kinetic MC Energy & Andy Tekno will be joining us.Our own local talent DJ Reckless, DJ Promo, DJ Macca & Chris butler with MCs Express, Cox, spudda,

Room 2 Rave days 90/93
all them classic rave tunes and anthems
The Hard Dock Original Alan James will once again play all those hard dock classics
Liverpool Legend Ste McGee will be joing us for this one with his piano anthems.
Rob Gee, Whiteboy, Giggs, Chris Butlewe would also like to the line up Paul Rimmer

Come join us for another unforgettable night