Back to the Dock part 3

Back to the Dock part 3

  • Location:Liverpool
  • Venue:Northshore Traubadour
  • Length:09:00 pm – 06:00 am

We are back again on October 21st for DJ Chris Butlers birthday.

We plan to do it in style with two rooms of oldschool music you would of heard in the Hard Dock back in the day.

Room 1 The Hardcore years 91/97
DJs preforming on the night
STU ALLAN the legend returns and will play one of his classic banging Dock sets.
DJ REFLEX played at the last two nights and totally blown you away each time.
DJ DEMAND another Dock resident and never disappoints.
MACCA & PROMO B2B these two guys played at are first event and they kept the floor busy right from the start and till the end.
DEANO BALLISTIK what more can I say than totally banging and knows how to keep the crowd rocking.
MAD C (Chris Butler) & GIGGS B2B this will be a birthday special set.

Room 2 Oldschool Rave & piano
ALAN JAMES the original hard dock DJ will be playing a two hour set.
ROB E-FLOW will be joining us and we are looking forward to having him.
NEIL CRAVEN this guy is well know around the oldschool community.
CHRIS BUTLER birthday boy will be keeping you all busy.
GIGGS back to the Dock resident multitalented.
RYAN HOWARD we are please to be giving this lad the chance to get up there and have a go.