Graham & Butler Back to Ours

Graham & Butler Back to Ours

  • Location:Liverpool
  • Venue:Hangar 34
  • Length:10:00 pm – 04:00 am

Graham & Butler present ‘Back to Ours’ – Bank Holiday Sat 31st March 2018 at Hangar34

After two of the hottest events in 2017 G&B productions found themselves inundated with offers from venues all across the northwest to stage their next event, but just what did the boys have in mind for their next road trip in 2018!

We had calls from promoters, licence holders, venues we could only dream of it was amazing every few days there was a new offers on the table, it was crazy but it had to be different from the last 2 events

G&B productions have continued to set new heights and standards in their production, the atmosphere witnessed in warehouse days of glory and Anthems at the opera were nothing short of the legendary nights where it all began.

This is something Lee and Dave have never forgotten, back in the day all those coach parties, the convoys of cars, the endless queues of their loyal clubbers who would descend everywhere they played making their nights unmissable.

The 2 events we stage this year were simply EPIC, and so different to anything we have ever done before and that’s what’s lead us to this next event, we had to go back to where it all began

After talking through all the different options we had available to us we both kept coming back to the same thing.. we had to reflect all those nights, clubs, after parties that we both were blessed with… the next venue had to feel more like a club and not a venue…

We looked at 3 fantastic options but there was just one we both kept coming back to.. everything about this space represents our history, awesome sound system,balconies, great stage, intermit, what else could we ask for..

These would always be the best of the best, no one ever wanted the night to finish Leasts of all us!!!!

We wanted to stage our next event based on a more private, intimate kind of after party from back in the day – “all go back to ours”

Unlike both our last events This is a smaller venue, so tickets are very very limited.