Roller Coaster – The Ravers Revival Old Skool Hardcore

Roller Coaster – The Ravers Revival Old Skool Hardcore

  • Location:Leigh
  • Venue:The Gallery Nightclub
  • Length:07:30 pm – 04:30 am

Roller Coaster Promotions would like to invite you to the Ravers Revival. A night of Old Skool Hardcore/DnB/Techno from some of the biggest names to have hit scene in the 90’s. Packed full of quality music from across all genres to recreate a vibe we all dearly miss. And what a venue to be holding such an event in!! The gallery is a venue that is as good as they get with a super sound system, Light displays and friendly staff and super security…plus more installs for the night for your pleasure.

Emerging from the distant depths of yesteryear comes a night that hopes to deliver to you a mystical ride of magical performers whom with the hi-tech tools of their trade will bedazzle you into a frenzy of euphoria and excitement ,taking you back to a carefree universe where the music reigned supreme, where all souls combined to create a vibe we all crave to caress again. Join us on a journey through musical time , climb aboard the Roller Coaster……Rise for The Ravers Revival !!!

Artist’s on the night are…


☆☆☆SLIPMATT☆☆☆ …The Godfather himself.

☆☆☆NICKY BLACKMARKET☆☆☆ …Playing a classic 90s DnB set.

☆☆☆MARK EG☆☆☆ …Giving you a hard as hell 90’s set

☆☆☆MICKY FINN☆☆☆ …No need to write anything…Legend.

☆☆☆SY☆☆☆ …The scratch master himself.

☆☆☆STU ALLAN☆☆☆ …With a classic 90s Hardcore Techno set.

☆☆☆VIBES N LIVELEE☆☆☆ …Bringing the old skool show.

☆☆☆DAZEE☆☆☆ …Spinning a classic Helter Skelter DnB set.

☆☆☆RHYTHM☆☆☆ …Giving yo a classic Breakbeat show.

☆☆☆JAKES☆☆☆….Helter Skelter,Dreamscape.

☆☆☆MAGIKA☆☆☆ …The man himself.

☆☆☆FEARLESS☆☆☆ …Bringing that style.

☆☆☆CHARLIE B☆☆☆ …Absolute legend.

☆☆☆CONNIE☆☆☆ …Kinetics very own.

☆☆☆FROSTIE☆☆☆ …The voice of Roller Coaster.

☆☆☆N.R.G☆☆☆ …Technodrome and Fantazia mc.



☆☆☆STU ALLAN☆☆☆(90min house classics)

☆☆☆SCORPIO☆☆☆(90min technodrome )

☆☆☆KENNY SHARP☆☆☆(90min hard trance)

☆☆☆MARK XTC☆☆☆(90min dnb classics)

☆☆☆PAUL TOMMO B2B MAXI B☆☆☆(90min bounce anthems)

☆☆☆DJ DEMAND☆☆☆(90min classic hardcore)