The Peace Movement

The Peace Movement

  • Location:Liverpool
  • Venue:Secret Warehouse
  • Length:10:00 pm – 06:00 am

We will infest your mind with peace, love and happiness!

After the huge success of our launch party when we filled a 1000 capacity warehouse for our Ibiza reunion. We are back for some more and this time we are going oldskool and doing it right across 3 floors.

The vibes were so good last time and we are going to do it all over again. Bigger, better and brighter.
Room 1 – Peace / Love / Oldskool
Room 2 – Peace / Love / Techno
Room 3 – Sine Missione’s Chillout Room

What you will see

Peace and love graffiti artwork with positive quotes everywhere on all 3 floors by ‘The Peace Movement’ and Sine Missione.
Planes bombing you with love hearts.
Hippy props
Fancy dress is encouraged but not essential (Hippy and/or 90’s)
Red love heart balloons
The Peace Army carrying guns stuffed with red roses.
Subliminal messages planting thoughts of love and happiness in your mind.

What you will hear

We have something for everyone with and oldskool room, a techno room and a chillout room for those who just need a little rest.
We will be announcing our DJ lineup on the day. We have some upcoming local talent as well as DJ’s from Ibiza and some Oldskool Liverpool legends.

What you will feel

You will all feel our loving vibes. We set high expectations from everyone who comes to our event from the DJ, to the bar staff and the customers.

Be nice, smile, be friendly, if someone stands on your toe, hug each other and wish one another good night. If your the type of person who cant handle your ale please do not even bother coming to our events we do not want you. Nice people only, no nobheads allowed.

We use psychology and all kinds of weird tricks in our marketing and on our events to ensure people feel safe and relaxed. Peace and love to you all.
What you will taste and smell

Sine Missione will be going on his crazy missions filling warehouse with nice sweets, Lovehearts (oldskool classic) and burning incense to give it that hippy smell and feel. We will pleasure all of your senses.
Your 6th Sense

We use psychology and philosophy to connect directly with your subconscious mind to plant thoughts of niceness in your mind on a much deeper level.